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Use a Lumbar Support Roll Pillow to Maintain Back Health While Sitting

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Lumbar Support Roll Pillow Helps Support a Healthy Back

Most people suffer from discomfort or pain in their backs at some point in their lives.  According to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work.  To avoid back pain, it’s important for people to incorporate healthy back basics into their daily lives, especially while sitting.  A lumbar support roll pillow can go a long way to supporting back health.

Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors.  It can be part of a chronic condition such as Fibromyalgia, or an acute pain caused by an injury, sudden strain or exertion. Often, back pain can be caused by poor lifestyle habits.  The way we sleep, the way we walk and the way we sit can affect our back health, especially over time. In most cases, back pain can be managed or short lived.  However, it is essential to see a doctor when back pain is severe or spreading, does not dissipate with medication or rest, or if there is a numbing or tingling in the legs.  

A Healthy Back Lifestyle

Once any underlying medical conditions have been ruled out,  it’s important to look at the way our everyday habits can affect back health.  The way we sleep can be an important factor.  Sleeping on a supportive mattress with a proper fitting pillow can help keep the spine correctly aligned.  The way we sit can also be a big a contributor to back health.  Because of modern lifestyles, people often have to sit for long periods of their day; as sitting is an integral part of our work, our travel and our leisure time. Therefore, it is important to have the spine in proper alignment while sitting, with the lumbar region supported.

Lumbar Region

The lumbar region refers to the area of the lower back where the spine curves inward towards the abdomen.  The muscles in this region are used for lifting, twisting and bending.  The spine in the lumbar region supports the most body weight.  It is home to the largest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve. The lumbar region is also an area susceptible to injury and misuse. When sitting, it is important to have the abdominal muscles engaged, the spine in alignment and the lumbar region supported in order to prevent slouching.  A lumbar support roll pillow can help the body sit properly.

Lumbar Support Roll Pillow

A lumbar support roll is a small, tubular like pillow that is shaped to fit in the natural curve of the spine in the lumbar region. Some lumbar support roll pillows are small and light enough that they can be compressed into a small carrying case, making them easy to carry around.  They can be used anywhere you sit: in the car, at work, at home or  in an airplane, giving consistent support where it is needed. These pillows should be firm enough to support the back and keep their shape, yet soft enough to conform to the area you want to use it in.  Many are machine washable.  Most importantly, a lumbar support roll pillow should be supportive and comfortable, helping maintain overall back health. 
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